About Petra Innovation

We like to define ourselves as a knowledge technology company, which goes beyond information technology, which enables our clients how to do things, not only providing the tool but creating a capability to solve the problem.

We, as a craftsman, look for ways to solve a problem in a manner that is both elegant and effective.
We do not settle for simply serving our customers and partners. For us, it is important to surprise them.

Petra was founded in 2004 as an architectural services company and, since 2008, has started offering software development and consulting services, mainly serving the web applications market. We coordinated more than 300 construction projects in several states of Brazil, and in 2016, following the creation of the CLIA methodology, we decided to focus on the market for compliance and process management services through the CLIA platform.

In 2017, we decided to expand the company by opening a branch in Canada and now, since December 2018, we incorporate Petra Management and Innovation, operating in the city of London, Ontario.

Communicating with customers and business partners is essential to the long-term success of the organization. If companies were once able to "isolate themselves" and dictate their own rules today, in the age of continuous information sharing, this position is no longer admissible.
In the current context, business communication must be increasingly open and customized for the target audience. Businesses must be able to take advantage of technological advances to provide closer interaction with specific stakeholders, such as customers and partners, to build loyalty and engagement.

We know that when looking for us, companies are not deciding to buy a shirt or a book.

Business partners share strategies, based on a relationship of trust, and combine intelligence to gain operational efficiency on both sides - the famous win-win relationship.

For this to happen successfully, it is necessary to break down barriers, and one of the mechanisms that makes this partnership feasible is the integration between systems. This process seeks to integrate information and solutions, and thus increase the speed and accuracy of information exchange.

We want to do our part so we can help celebrate your success.

"We dream of that day when every person in our community will know an energized London is created and supported equally by 3 pillars. Without a strong, stable and reliable public sector, we cannot be a community. Without an innovative, responsive and vibrant private sector, we cannot be a community. Without a caring, creative and compassionate voluntary sector, we cannot be a community. Without any of these 3 pillars, the community collapses. When these 3 pillars work in collaboration, harmony and mutual respect, the sky will be the limit."

Willy Van Klooster, founding Board Chair, Pillar Nonprofit Networks

Society 5.0 aims to tackle several challenges by going far beyond just the digitalization of the economy towards the digitalization across all levels of the society and the (digital) transformation of society itself. And that has some pretty far-reaching consequences as you’ll read.

We aim change the society enhancing each community, one by one, by:

  • Build on regional and local economic assets and strengths

  • Support business growth, productivity, and innovation

  • Help small- and medium-sized businesses effectively compete in the global marketplace

  • Create a culture of "local market", increasing the idea of belonging in the community

  • Offer quality products from the community to the community

  • Enhance communication channels between small and medium business to develop local supply chains

  • Develop a local market share to assist in response to economic downturns and crisis

"All business work that passes ethics, respect and professionalism always generates a good image of your company and always generates a good result in your commercial objectives, strengthening your achievements that satisfy all equally."
Helgir Girodo

The CLIA platform is a cloud-based service that captures the knowledge of specialists, structures them to be used remotely, via the web, ensuring compliance with industry norms, processes and legislation, providing trust, commitment, registration, trackability, compliance and quality to the project. In Brazil, we apply this technology mainly in the sector of Construction, attending the NBR 15575/2013 • Norma de Desempenho das Edificações ( Building Performance Standard ).

"Knowledge consists in the perception of the agreement or disagreement of two ideas. It seems to me, therefore, that knowledge is nothing more than the perception of the connection and agreement, or disagreement and rejection, of any of our ideas." John Locke

By establishing a viable and sustainable connection between people and organizations, the GESHER platform can take your company to Knowledge 4.0, building a bridge between your goals and your success.

Gesher ( Bridge, in Hebrew ) is a platform developed by Petra that comprehends a wide range of modules and tools, to facilitate the management of Knowledge inside a company.
Based on two models, O2P - Organization To Person, and O2O - Organization To Organization, our intention is to capture, deliver, manage and discover Knowledge in the business environment.


Specific objectives of the platform, based on the O2P model, that addresses the interaction between a person and an organization, are listed as follow:

  • Construction of individual identity in a process-oriented environment

  • Global wide identity by consensus, without the necessity of digital certificates

  • Antifraud architecture

  • Personal data privacy assurance

  • Skill mapping among market, workforce and education

  • Minimum quality assurance in services and processes ( compliance )

  • Real time statistical basis for decision and strategic reports

  • Ethos - Collaborative Perception for Pattern Detection


Specific objectives of the platform, based on the O2O model, that addresses the interaction between organizations, are as follow:

  • Building of the company's network of relationships with other organizations

  • Compliance-native environment

  • Project and Service Portfolio Management

  • Capture expert knowledge and corporate knowledge delivery

  • Guarantee and Commitment

  • Discovery and incorporation of Knowledge

  • Strategic Intelligence

Knowledge, today, is an expensive resource for any business, if not the most valuable. High level professionals are prohibitive for most companies. The GESHER platform proposes to provide an environment where the knowledge of the best experts is made available to your company, at a value that you can afford.

"All effective innovations are surprisingly simple. In fact, the greatest compliment an innovation can receive is to have someone say, This is obvious! Why did not I think of this before?"
Peter Drucker

"Innovation is the strongest tool for an organization's success."
Jardel Melo

Our main focus is to deliver corporate websites that reflect the company's way of being. For this, we are good listeners and listen even to those needs that you do not tell us in a conversation.
If we can surprise our customers and partners, you can be sure that we will.

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